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Mixture of two families of solvents, aromatic and ketonic. High quality diluent with strong solubilizing power. Great versatility of use, usable mainly for the dilution of paints to lower the viscosity, and incidentally for cleaning.
DILUANT PRO is intended for use in the following areas:
Painting (dilution of solvent-based paints, cleaning of accessories (guns, brushes, etc.))
Printing (elimination of greasy inks and all greasy dirt requiring quick cleaning).
Machining of metals, at the end of the operation to eliminate whole oils.
– To remove protective waxes or lubricating greases.
– To remove tar from public works equipment or vehicles.

Features & Benefits:

Use in dilution: from 5 to 20% depending on the characteristics of the paint to be diluted.

Use in cleaning: degreasing with a brush or soaking (Leave in contact for 5 to 20 minutes).

Do not use on painted surfaces (test first).

Product harmful by inhalation.

Extremely flammable.

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