The factory and stocks, located at the heart of our ACCOR Lubrifiants site


The factory

The heart of our operations

Created in 1983, our factory is the lifeblood of our organization. Being a manufacturer means having control over its quality, its stocks, and its expertise in the world of lubricants and fluids. And unlike most brands, we have this manufacturing expertise.

With fully automated production lines, robotic packaging lines, and constant human supervision, we are at the forefront of the production of lubricants. And the nearly 50 employees who work on this site night and day work for the quality of the products you buy from us.

Our ability to produce shines on everyone, and many of you entrust us with your brand. Whether you are specifically in the mechanical lubricant market, or want to develop your Retail Brand, we have the keys to your success.

ACCOR Lubrifiants – Packaging stocks to immediately launch production on any product

ACCOR Lubrifiants – Production by optimized zones allows us to better preserve the qualities of our bases and additives during processing

ACCOR Lubrifiants – 8 packaging lines, on several floors, to best respect the beginning of life of each product

ACCOR Lubrifiants – We launch the most complex productions, thanks to our 8 mixers of 11 heads each

Our dynamic storage

A state-of-the-art production tool would be nothing without ultra-modern logistics. And that’s where our dynamic storage comes in. Capable of storing in rotating logistics almost all of our catalogs, and yours, we often have the pallets ready to go even before you order.

ACCOR Lubrifiants – Automated storage on several levels

ACCOR Lubrifiants – Automated palletizing / depalletizing to optimize your loads

ACCOR Lubrifiants – Linear kilometers of storage for all formats

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