A look inside our R&DLABORATORY


The laboratory

Our driving force

Many aspects of our products are linked to chemical, normative and technological constraints. It is for this reason that each year we give more importance to our Research and Development Laboratory.

Formed around a multidisciplinary team, it brings together skills relating to both technical monitoring, forecasting, international standards, chemistry, production, testing and quality monitoring. In a transversal way, we can thus prepare products for you that not only meet very complex production specifications, but will also guarantee the protection of your equipment for a long time.

All of these skills is part of our global ISO approach, with ISO 9001 certifications and  ISO 14001, which are there to attest to the multiple qualities of our factory. This external recognition of our expertise is your guarantee of quality.

ACCOR Lubrifiants – Compliance with Euro standards for our coolants
ACCOR Lubrifiants – Systematic sampling to test the qualities
ACCOR Lubrifiants – A darkroom to keep 10 years of tracking samples
ACCOR Lubrifiants – Extreme temperatures at the test bench

ACCOR Lubrifiants – A software developed indoors

Our independent certifications

If you don’t do not know them yet, discover the labels, standards, approvals, which make our production tool a model of quality and reliability. All with a completely optimized environmental impact, soon to be validated by a new label. And of course, manufacturer approvals according to the oils concerned, in order to best meet your needs.

The quality standard
The environmental standard
Association of European Automobile Manufacturers
American standards
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