ACCOR lubrifiants abroad

Made in France, distributed Worldwide.​

ACCOR Lubricants sells its lubricants in over 60 countries thanks to our varied know-how: French production, manufacturer approvals, compliance with standards and recommendations, choice of the best bases and relevant additives, automated factory, monitoring and sampling, etc. 

It is also the recognition of our services that allows such success.  Indeed, our independence enables us to adapt to all our customers, in an individualised manner.  We have total freedom of response and reactivity.  We listen to you and provide tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs. 

Finally, our logistics are perfectly oiled and adapted to the needs of each client (Incoterms, documentary follow-up, LCL, FCL, etc.).  This expertise allows us to master the legal, commercial and customs aspects of the receiving countries.  Your project is our expertise.

ACCOR lubrifiants,
present at world tradeshows

ACCOR Lubricants and its premium brands have always been present at the largest international trade shows.  In order to provide our distributors with the best possible support, and to help them establish themselves on each continent, we organise regular online meetings.   In parallel to our commitments in competition at the highest level, and locally, these meetings are an opportunity to develop new markets, to help each distributor to better understand their geographical area, and to stay tuned to future product developments, services, etc.

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